The Hosts of EFAP


💀MauLer - EFAP time: (46D-23H-06M-01S)


MauLer creates videos covering various games / movies


  • Over 335k subscribers

  • 47 Million+ views

  • Catchphrase: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

  • Also known as: Longman, Mooler

  • Has been given many passes including the very hurtful 'Massive' pass

  • (rare) Owner of a Twitter account

Latest Video:


🦊Rags - EFAP time: (42D 17H-59M-32S)


Rags is an American youtuber / handsome doggo. He creates videos about video games, social issues, and industry related shenanigans. 

  • Over 325k subscribers

  • 44 Million+ views

  • Second Channel: Dogbytes

  • Catchphrase: I'm Rags!

  • Also known as: Rag's, Wags, Raggles

  • Famous for being a Co-worker of Jay Exci.

Latest Video:


🐺Wolf - EFAP time: (9D-17H-37M-09S)


Wolf was an American youtuber who liked to discuss the inner workings of storytelling through books, comics, movies, television, and video games.

He left the internet due to personal reasons.

  • Hugh Catmans human

  • Catchphrase: Hello all my N words.

  • Brought out a wonderful book entitled: Iridescent (A Legend of the Ashlands)

  • An amazing guy 72/10

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