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30 hours

A man

All is well

Alright, I'll believe you

Awwwh it's a little black one

Baby girl needs a spanking 2

Belch 1

Best we can do for now (stammered)



He promised he would

He's gonna attack him with a sword

Holy shit

How does it kill you, fringy

I dunno

I haveeeeee

I think we're gonna be okay

I'm doing my part

I'm good

I'm not feeling normal (stammered)

Isn't that french

I've been really focused

Like pandora's box

Mister dragon

Oh boy, now that I have all this energy

Oh my god what the fuck (quick)

Only YOU can prevent forest fires

Our signature move

Pretty fair to say

Shemefuru dispure

So that went well

Speaking 'japanese' 1

Speaking 'japanese' 3

Sure sure, anything you say, absolutely

The statement assumes you're not doing either

There's no arguments being made here

This minefield sponsored by coca cola


Vomit sound

Well if there's anyone who can raise stakes


WHAT He has a sword

What was the name of the vacuum

Why'd you think that we have like technology that would allow us to do things

Yeah I think you have alot of people enraptured

Yknow (quick)

You bring em we slice em

You know, I'm zoned in

Your weebery is scaring away Shad

5000 mile dingo fence

After all that

All the history, this is it

And I'm Rags

Baby girl needs a spanking 1

Baby girl needs a spanking 3

Belch 2

Can't say I honestly have a problem with that

Everyone's talking about it, so i guess we'll have to see whats up

Get yer deer all ready




How the fuck do we not know for sure

I have arrived once but i've came twice

I left it in the fridge and now it's gone!

If only i wasnt a beach bum

I'm excited

I'm here

I'm not sure what the difference is

It only makes sense that if you want milk, you would use a rhino

Jesus christ

Maybe this will be the one

Oddly appropriate

Oh its metal

Oh no, not that

Open it up

Piling on horrible things

Rhino Milk!

Sleep deprivation


Speaking 'japanese' 2


Swooping in like an actual dragon

Then I'll drink it, then I'll eat it, then I'll chew it, then I'll poo

They said it wasn't possible

This movie's a fucking mess

Virtue where are you

We don't know what to say

Well is that mayonnaise or miracle whip

What a shitty fucking point

What the FUCK


Yeah i don't know anything about

Yeah that's the world we live in

Yo hello

You cant over lube

Your honour my client pleads temporary insanity

You're so titanically ugly

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