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  • The Terror of The Mauler Plushie --- TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • Fringy experiences disbelief --- Whiterun Guard (EFAP Reaction)

  • Mauler's First Words --- Plagued Creations (EFAP Reaction)

  • The horse sized duck debate Sequel! (With Rags) --- TruePopCultrue7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Devolution of EFAP ft. Bernie Sanders --- ViktorShep (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Duke of Edinburgh has passed --- Brandon (EFAP Reaction)

  • Get Recked Doomer (EFAP Meme) --- Daily Dose (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP of London --- Television and Other Rantings (EFAP Reaction)

  • ATTACK OF THE LIVING GAYS! --- TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • Mark The Ripper | An EFAP Horror Story --- Flubber11 USA (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Beauty Of Modern Art... --- TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Put Put Vs Mini Golf Debacle --- TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • Rag's likes naming Resident Evil 4 - An Analysis --- swoopisbird (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP - Mauler and SmilerAI ambushed by strawman --- WRIS (EFAP Reaction)

  • Mauler attempts to talk to a anime fan & The side effect of EFAP streams. --- TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • MetalCommander, creator of Rapture --- SlowCuber17 (EFAP Reaction)

  • Efap gets Loud --- Stryke Lvst (EFAP Reaction)

  • Chronicles of Noom: EFAP Meme --- Goger (EFAP Reaction)

  • Mauler's Parasocial Friends (EFAP Meme) --- Daily Dose (EFAP Reaction)

  • Efap Grocery Store in Minecraft (Meme) --- Arrowsay (Video Removed) (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Fatphobic Spider-Man --- TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • Az's 'Problematic' Rants --- TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • Are You Sure About That, Tim? | EFAP Meme --- Flubber11 USA (EFAP Reaction)

  • FOR NOUGH REASON | EFAP Meme --- Flubber11 USA (EFAP Reaction)

  • Do You Hear The Massives Sing? | EFAP Anthem --- Flubber11 USA (EFAP Reaction)

  • Of Spies and Sponsors | (EFAP NOOM Remix) --- DJM Voices (EFAP Reaction)

  • ROLLY gets DEPRESSED ft. darth maueler - EFAP Meme ---  I Stand with The Don (EFAP Reaction)

  • Disney Assaults the Long ---  The Aspiring Writer (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Broodlings: EFAP Meme --- Goger (EFAP Reaction)

  • My reaction to Loki EP 1 --- Nicho 40K (EFAP Reaction)

  • Rey raised Rey [efap meme] --- Markin3D (EFAP Reaction)

  • Kal-El (2021) Trailer | EFAP Meme --- Flubber11 USA (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP 150: The Ding. --- Salad King (EFAP Reaction)

  • Forrest Mento - An (EFAP Meme) --- Toxic Mix (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Meme - Hosts listen to Just Write ---  Omega6047 (EFAP Reaction)

  • When your mate has the better British Accent... ---  TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • AMENOUGH! (DOUGHRIME) - EFAP Meme --- Jo Machin (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP explained meme --- Brandon (EFAP Reaction)

  • Who would you give 50 years of life to? ---  TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • Fringy tells the cast about his home (EFAP Meme) --- Daily Dose (EFAP Reaction)

  • Treasure Planet: An Efap Edit --- Viktor Shep (EFAP Reaction)

  • A Couple of Half-Baked EFAP Memes --- Swamp TV (EFAP Reaction)

  • Mr. Incredible Discovers EFAP's Hot Takes --- Cardinal West (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Wizard/Sorcerer/Witch Debate [EFAP Meme] --- Trevor Tiger (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Explained 2: Judgement Day --- Brandon (EFAP Reaction)

  • THE EFAP MOD (Full Week) - Friday Night Funkin' --- Sini Animations (EFAP Reaction)

  • The 'Somehow Palpatine Returned' Story ---  TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Highlight: The Nuances Of Bed Breaking --- Viktor Shep (EFAP Reaction)

  • The EFAP approved Restaurant --- Rainbow Soap (EFAP Reaction)

  • What if Mauler, Gary and Az were hired for Star Wars but couldn't criticise it. ---  TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • My first time playing Elden Ring (efap meme) --- Viktor Shep (EFAP Reaction)

  • MC Fringy and the Goo Crew - (EFAP Remix) --- Toxic Mix (EFAP Reaction)

  • Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness & The Stupidity of the Memory Store ---  TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP TANOOKI PARTY! (Animated) --- Neon Monkey (EFAP Reaction)

  • Mauler Tells the Story of the Elden Ring --- Mark (EFAP Reaction)

  • Did Elden Ring Fail Martin Luther King? ---  TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP animation - Fringy Loses it --- Some Eejit (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Christmas Song: Peace on Earth --- Rainbow Soap (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Book of Booba Feet || EFAP Meme --- Plagued Creations (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Short - Jo in Honey | EFAP #76 --- Dragonacelnik (EFAP Reaction)

  • Rey Recieves A Small Portion Of Food (EFAP Short Meme) --- TinyGod (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Meme | Look, Fringy... --- Little King (EFAP Reaction)

  • MauLer Criticizes Art ---  Television and Other Rantings (EFAP Reaction)

  • Grimace: A Star Wars Story --- Stout Stag (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Perfect Marvel Cinematic Universe Score (EFAP Meme) --- Daily Dose (EFAP Reaction)

  • Efap-laughing --- Mutual Kiwi (EFAP Reaction)

  • Darth Vaders "one way speaker" --- Mutual Kiwi (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Meme | “Regardless of his emotional state..." --- Little King (EFAP Reaction)

  • Maybe it's too long?! --- guardian fortress (EFAP Reaction)

  • Obi Wan Smuggles His Light Saber --- Blank Face (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Highlight: Jam vs Jelly --- Viktor Shep (EFAP Reaction)

  • A Lotta Goo (#EFAP Meme) --- AWOL (EFAP Reaction)

  • Lego EFAP 3: The Third One --- Daily Dose (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Meme | Hit it, Metal! (Clip from video) --- Little King (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Meme | Pride in Your Work --- Little King (EFAP Reaction)

  • Lego EFAP: The Christmas Special 2021 --- Daily Dose (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Defeats the Hasan Gang ---  Television and Other Rantings (EFAP Reaction)

  • Efap React to the Return of....... --- Mix & Match (EFAP Reaction)

  • Simpson Catus Patch but with Nough! (efap meme) --- guardian fortress (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Top Ten Worst Moments of Rise of Skywalker. --- TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • "So Much Like Your Father" | EFAP Meme --- Flubber11 USA (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP Friends : A Smiling Friends Meme --- Daily Dose (EFAP Reaction)

  • The Gooman: EFAP Meme --- Goger (EFAP Reaction)

  • Rebecca Black sings for the opening of Rise Of Skywalker (efap meme) --- guardian fortress (EFAP Reaction)

  • How people reacted to Cad Bane's DEATH in Boba Fett --- Dank Jedi (EFAP Reaction)

  • Lego EFAP 4: Spiderman No More Hope --- Daily Dose (EFAP Reaction)

  • Lost In Paradise. But it's EFAP --- Jarl Crimson (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP #200 Song: Two Hundred --- Rainbow Soap (EFAP Reaction)

  • 200 Episodes of EFAP but we learned what 'take pride in your work' means (also we don't really care) --- Gaia Rai (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP #200 Song: Toxic Brood ---  The Fellowship of the Meme (EFAP Reaction)

  • EFAP #200 Remix | 200 Tisms --- Toxic Mix (EFAP Reaction)

  • Warner Brothers Actor Crisis... --- TruePopCulture7 (EFAP Reaction)

  • Charlie visits Fringy in Hell --- Blank Face (EFAP Reaction)

  • Nice argument Fringey --- Jack Chipper (EFAP Reaction)

  • Dobbing on Fringy --- Blank Face (EFAP Reaction)

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