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A nice little chat, you know, chill out

All coming up on mooler

All the people

Always nice to see you

Any second


Baby girl needs a spanking

But hello welcome

Catches poe having a bad dream

Dare i say it's up to chat


Downward Thrust how are you sir

Even though it was technically behind it

Everything changes

Fish and chips

Give it the old refresh, it'll look fine

He can be the hype man

He may be back

Hello there ladies and gentlemen


Hey Jay

Holdin their feet to the fire

How is your day

I dont know what you're talking about when you say that

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it

I overprepared

I think were gonna get all yes, we got some noughs

I want you to get creative, what would you cook for sauron

I was sure the laughter was gonna knock it out


In the newest episode

It's a trap

It's fucked up dude

It's good to overprepare though

It's kind of an incredible ability


Kill them all

Laugh 2

Laugh 4

Laugh 6

Man youre good at it

Mr Tonald

My willy smells funny

No logic, you can't do that put it away


Oh my god

Oh thats Goliath

Ohno (quick)

Peepo saw all of that

Please, please be nice

Praising it

Question (and stammering)


Sir sucksalot

Stammering 2

Stammering 4

Stammering 6


Super meme

Take it away pipeman

Thank you so much for coming on dude, seriously

That last video really felt

That went well didnt it

Thats a Hollywood level meme video

The famed Bilbo Baggins once said 'It's about context'

The really gamey things

Theres an implication there

They fucked up

Things will go the way they go


Uh yeah that was like


We been here for the whole thing, both of us

We got hit with frikkin copyright

We know whats up

We uhhh

Well 1

Well too bad

What did i do again

Why would you immediately start sprinting, what are you thinking

Wonderful nightmare

Yeah streaming has now been boosted to 100 hour cap

You cool with me calling you tone, is that alright

You know what, i thought so too

You've never made a logical decision in your life, never

A plothole is a blah blah blah blah blah

All i could see on the notification


And of course

Anything we should know preamble, before we do this one

Az evan and south

Blessed pipeman

But of course hardcore fans

Checkin those out



EFAP 100



Game of thrones

Go away (Critical Drinker style)

He fell asleep

Hello shad, how do you do

Hello there (quick)

Here we go


How do you contradict yourself this much in this amount of time

How messed up is that

I don't understand really

I like some of them too

I sat here complaining

I want to like

I was gonna say we're gonna have to give up eventually

I was thinkin

I'm going to suck my dangus tonight

It will be in front of this

It's been a pleasure, and uhh we'll see you again soon

It's gonna be one big rollout

It's just so smooth

Jim sterling

Just lookin at my notes

Laugh 1

Laugh 3

Laugh 5

Laugh 7

Massive (Subdued)

Mr Wolf

Mysteriously missing

No way

Oh fuck ok

Oh she died too

Oh, she gonna blow up, she gonna blow up


Pincers, rpgs, what are we dealing with

Poor peepo

Pros and cons all in one


Ran out of my capacity to respond to arguments

Stammering 1

Stammering 3

Stammering 5



Take care, thank you so much for coming on


Thanks for letting people know I’m not evil dude