Alright which one of yous doing it

And then he eventually keeled over and died

But i remember hearing or watching this

Cause we can't just go out and be like

Do I feel pissed!

Eating rhino is not at all common

Fly em back out to Antarctica please

Fuckin high stakes, jesus

He was being hunted by komodo dragons

He's evolved as a critic

I don't know if it was played on tv

I feel like my brain just snapped in half

I just, I

I was afraid it would not go well

In Australia

Laugh 1

Like oh god please dont hate us


Physics Physics Physics!

Precious Crystal Fox Bois

Slice and Dice Baby

That is infinitly worse

That wasnt a denial

The fuck have you been

When i worked at Dominos

Why was I raping Bilbo

And the dragons got him and all that was left was the video camera footage

Australia makes that kind of shit

But man, that was like possibly the best conversation I think we've ever had

Concerns not enough

Don't think

Fat Asian Bitch

Fuck, I'd eat

Got sick

Hello all my N words


I feel like i met jesus

I just love the fact that

I think we need to make Germany great again

Imagine if those things actually had wings

Jesus christ

Laugh 2

Maybe it's just my own personal experience

Now i have to Photoshop that

Precious Crystal Fox Boi Homeworld

Right next to Voxis

So wait wait wait you're telling me

That makes me so happy

Thats just pathetic to me, You two are pathetic, You're subhuman honestly

This is like the best possible outcome we could've ever had

Where do you find this shit Voxis


You gotta see the message