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EFAP #250 in stats

Runtime: 24:03:03   |   Guests: 24 + Rag's   |   Videos Covered: 10

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The Fifth Anniversary of Pausing Every Frame - Covering Everything with Everyone - Part 1

Hosts & Guests


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(15:16 - 1:53:56) *Video One*
You Didn't Finish The Game (The Jimquisition) by Jim Sterling (Aka: Jim Big Bald Mad)

  • (18:42) "Whenever a controversial review comes out, and a fandom gets mad, which it always does, because the fanbase is fucking exhausting."

  • (28:01) "I’m here to point out the tactical stupidity of using that concept [Reviewers need to finish video games] to defend a videogame from a big mean reviewer what didn’t like it."

  • (32:46) "This argument is treated by many fandoms as the ultimate gotcha, the holy grail of self-soothing justice - if they can prove a reviewer didn’t finish a game, or just convince themself of it, they can discredit said review completely."

  • (42:36) "If they got what they wanted and they forced every reviewer to play every game to thorough completion, it would be far more likely to lower a score than raise it."

(44:43) Quick Opinions on Hill House, Bly Manor & Midnight Mass

  • (45:37) "You can’t improve someone’s opinion of something by cramming it down their throat."

  • (56:58) "The further I got into it [Boltgun], the more tired I became, the more its little minor flaws began to bug me, and the lower my opinion sank."

(59:30) Linus Tech Tips Drama / SOMA Reviews / Resident Evil 4 Remake / Gollum

(1:06:16) Darkest Dungeon 1 & 2 changes / Theo throws a wrench

  • (1:15:06) "Then I kept playing, [Redfall] I kept playing until I found out how fucking repetitive it was."

(1:21:08) Breath of the Wild / Scores / Bias & Reviews

(1:26:58) Rags solves a personal mystery

(1:34:54) Indigo Gaming gives rare IGN praise

(1:37:01)  He-Man characters, Rags loves them!

  • (1:39:41) "I could show them a 100% completed save file and it wouldn’t make a difference, they’d find something else."

  • (1:50:34) "And they will claim anything, no matter how unreasonably, to chop up some onions, dip that reality in gravy, and shove it down your fucking throat."

  • (1:50:59) "It's not about whether the reviewer spent enough arbitrary time in the game before giving their opinion in a review that ultimately won't matter."

(1:57:21 - 4:28:05) *Video Two*
You Don't Need To Finish Games by GC Vazquez (Aka: Breaking Theos Soul... again)

(1:57:53) Theo realizing what kind of video this will be

  • (1:58:43) "Time constraints I had as a child when it came to playing games sparked a very early obsession with finishing them. Before the 5-day period was up, I. Had. To. Beat. That. Game."

  • (1:59:10) "I needed to make sure I could keep up with the kids at school, I couldn’t lose to Lewis and his uncle at Nintendo, telling him how to unlock dragon Kazooie. Cheating Scumbag."

  • (2:00:17) "The resource constraints (and misunderstanding of ethical pirating) I had as a teenager when it came to playing games sparked an adolescent obsession with finishing them. Because any game would take a week to download, I. Had. To. Beat. That. Game."

(2:03:09) Borrowing games / Used games & Devs / One-time game codes

  • (2:07:31) "I bought these games, and I needed to squeeze every dollar out of them. Because they burned a huge hole in my wallet, I. Had. To. Beat. Those. Games."

  • (2:10:42) "The desperate need for approval I had as an adult sparked a consuming obsession with finishing games. Before I could talk about it in a thoughtful, powerful way I. Had. To. Beat. That. Game."

(2:16:18) Narrow streets vibing / World design in games / Shenmue coolness

  • (2:18:55) "So eventually, one existential crisis after another, you start learning a lot about yourself."

  • (2:21:17) "I’ve done a lot of thinking. Figured some of it out. If you’ve ever experienced something like those scenarios from my own life, I have something important to tell you: You Don’t Need To Finish That Game." *End me now.*

(2:24:19) Video game play order / Dark Souls recommendation

  • (2:32:14) "From a very young age, we’re taught video games need to be finished before we deserve to have another one."

  • (2:37:15) "Knowing more about a video game than someone else when you’re ten years-old is like being Christ reborn in the minds of other children."

  • (2:52:41) "You lose the sense of belonging in your social circles when all your friends are talking about a game you haven’t played yet, or when everyone’s getting on Xbox live to play Gears 3’s horde mode...but you don’t have it."

(2:56:13) Just play games you enjoy! / Shad throws a spanner! / Skarm – Rags confused

  • (3:05:30) "If you didn’t beat Red Dead Redemption in the two weeks it came out, your friends were already moving on to something else."
    (3:09:47) "Beating games had gone from making you cool, to being accepted."

  • (3:15:00) "But...what’s the point in buying and playing games if you don’t...beat them...right?"

(3:17:50) Theos Prediction

  • (3:18:12) "If you ask me, the presence of a backlog implies we’ve never grown out of our childhood habits."

(3:31:10) Adam & Sitch cringe

(3:32:14) Completionists / Trophies/Achievements / Refund policies

  • (3:50:37) "Now that we’re older, does it really matter if you know every secret or cool fact about a game?"

  • (3:56:08) "Aren’t we fully aware we’ll never be able to play every game in existence and lead healthy functional lives at the same time?"

(3:58:22) The greatness of TotalBiscuit (Check him out! It's an order.)

(4:02:56) The Rey Film / Andor / Star Wars

  • (4:10:08) "Being someone who talks and thinks a lot about this stuff for the sake of making videos, you’d assume I’m acting like I’ve liberated myself from the clutches of nefarious marketing strategies, and toxic gaming culture. Not true. My need to beat games is the worst it’s ever been."

  • (4:24:32) "I think, to an extent, we’re all scared of being wrong about how we feel. And I don’t think we should be."

(4:27:34) Theos Prediction - The result

(4:36:17 - 7:13:44) *Video Three*
The Trolley Problem Is A Joke by Wisecrack (Aka: Oh no... He's Retarded... Again)

  • (4:50:16) "Guys it sucks to say this but a self-driving car is definitely going to kill someone at some point because of a programmer's Wikipedia level understanding of Ethics."

(4:56:48) Mauler sends Metal to bed

(5:00:10) Frog Bowling & Adventures in Bowling.

(5:09:14) And now a BetterHelp ad.

  • (5:15:24) "Some philosophers would end the video right now by answering the question what is the trolley problem good for with a resounding absolutely nothing."

  • (5:19:53) "In other words, you can't do ethics hypothetically."

(5:36:55) Trolley problem but with animals!

(5:53:22) Doggo gets the save

(5:57:29) Talking about the article from the video (Found here)

  • (6:03:30) "In other, other words the trolley problem itself is some real sicko shit."

  • (6:12:21) "The trolley problem is less about ethics and more about training future technocrats to pick how many of us it's okay to kill with their cool new products."

(6:44:24) Talking about Phillipa Foots 1967 paper (Found here)

  • (6:57:12) "In a life-or-death trolley problem situation, which to be clear we are all very unlikely to ever experience."

  • (6:59:52) "Ultimately ethics can't rely on calculations about what might or might not happen in an imagined future."

  • (7:04:24) "It's much more useful in trying to think about how to ethically exist in our actual world."

  • (7:06:36) "Is there still a place for the trolley problem in the philosophy 101 classes of the world or is it too abstract to help us think ethically?"

(7:13:53- 8:46:54) *Video Break*
Checking out some Trolley problems (Play here on mobile)

(7:14:04) Level 1 - The Original: Oh no! A trolley is heading towards 5 people. You can pull the lever to divert it to the other track, killing 1 person instead. What do you do?
(7:15:11) Level 2 - Four People: Oh no! A trolley is heading towards 5 people. You can pull the lever to divert it to the other track, killing 4 people instead. What do you do? 
7:16:38) Level 3 - Life Savings: Oh no! A trolley is heading towards 5 people. You can pull the lever to divert it to the other track, but then your life savings will be destroyed. What do you do? 
(7:18:07) Level 4 - You: Oh no! A trolley is heading towards 5 people. You can pull the lever to divert it to the other track, sacrificing yourself instead. What do you do?