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Jim Sterling

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EFAP#50 Part 1

The first video to be covered from Jim Sterling was his video "Virtual Real Talk (The Jimquisition)".

  • Mauler, Fringy, Jay Exci & SmilerAL covered this video.

  • Coverage starts at 30:55

EFAP#100 Part 1

"Muscles Of The Apocalypse (The Jimquisition)".

  • Mauler, Rags, Metalcommander & Shadiversity (With Theo, Appabend, Aydin Paladin, Internet Historian & Weekend Warrior joining later) covered this video.

  • Coverage starts at 18:32

EFAP#150 Part 1

"The 100% Objective Review (The Jimquisition Remastered)".

  • Mauler, Rags, Fringy, BTC, DasBoSchitt, Marc The Cyborg, Metalcommander & Moriarty (With Jon Graham & The Thought Theater joining later) covered this video.

  • Coverage starts at 36:58

EFAP#200 Part 1

"A Difficult Subject (The Jimquisition)".

  • Mauler, Rags, Fringy, Marc The Cyborg, Metalcommander & Theo (With Fortea, Jon Graham, Doomer, Critical Drinker, Cynical Reviews & Capital O Opinions joining later) covered this video.

  • Coverage starts at 26:57

Below is the original video(s) covered or a backup (If possible)


Videos Covered:


Virtual Real Talk (The Jimquisition)

Length:15:16 | Covered During: EFAP#50 Part 1


Muscles Of The Apocalypse (The Jimquisition)

Length:23:20 | Covered During: EFAP#100 Part 1


The 100% Objective Review (The Jimquisition Remastered)

Length:5:40 | Covered During: EFAP#150 Part 1


A Difficult Subject (The Jimquisition)

Length:13:42 | Covered During: EFAP#200 Part 1


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