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Frame By Frame

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*This Creator was also covered during #278 on his other channel Lightspeed*

EFAP#50 Part 2

The first video to be covered from Frame By Frame was his video "STAR WARS: Why REY Isn't A MARY SUE".

  • Mauler, Rags, JLongbone, Critical Drinker, Shadiversity & PSA Sitch covered this video.

  • Coverage starts at 2:13:28


"Captain Phasma: The Perfect Authoritarian Figure?".

  • Mauler, Rags, HeelvsBabyface & Nerdrotic covered this video.

  • Coverage starts at 3:19:07

Below is the original video(s) covered or a backup (If possible)


Videos Covered:


The Playstation 4's Not So Problematic "Problem"

Length:11:29 | Covered During: EFAP#50 Part 2


Captain Phasma: The Perfect Authoritarian Figure?

Length:7:57 | Covered During: EFAP#95


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