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Jay Exci




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Jay was first covered on EFAP#5 for a video “Debunking” Maulers Unbridled video on Black Panther, He then first guested on EFAP#7 covering ‘Why Black Panthers Has Marvel’s Best Villain Ever’ by captainmidnight and ‘Everything Wrong With Predator In 13 Minutes Or Less’ by CinemaSins.

  • Has appeared on 3 anniversary EFAPS (#50,#100,#150)

  • Picked Finn for the most inconsistent character in Episode IX TROS

  • Chose Halloween for which holiday is better

  • Was Covered on EFAP#5

  • Has two of the longest running memes accredited to him: Rhino Milk & Kick Jay

  • Cannot whistle

His YouTube channel originally named Cinemasinsins criticised Cinemasins videos, He later rebranded to Jay Exci, and now focuses on analysis of TV shows and life hack   videos.

He has two alternate YouTube channels: aahhh & Jay Exci, Empress of Milk where he chats, does tier lists and takes quizzes.


Total EFAP Appearances: 68

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