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Oh My, It's Me! Welcome to EFAP.Me!


I'm Jason, I created this site a few years ago to archive EFAP and it's various spinoffs throughout the internet, with memes, videos and content! :D

On a personal level, I am a massive fan of TV, Movies and Games (Original, I know).

While EFAP has changed the way I watch TV/Movies, Gotta be consistent), I thought I would share more personal things :)

Like Animals!

Heres afew of my pets :)

Currently it's at:

13 Tarantulas

3 Millipedes,

2 Vampire Crabs,

8 Stick Insects,

2 Rats,

1 African Land Snails,

1 Goldfish

+ More!

And my travels around this globe ^^`

Sweden > Estonia

Sabaton Cruise 2023

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